Anna v dating scammer online dating in ottawa ontario

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Alexandra Cain of “I was surfing through when i came across your sweet profile, i must confess you sure do have a lovely and interesting page on here, have you been lucky to meet someone special on here?

Have a blessed evening, hope to hear from you soon.” These messages are no doubt meant to entice a user into communicating with the scammer off of Linked In.

To assuage users’ skepticism, they commonly say that the offer is 100% legitimate.

But if someone is truly interested in you, they should at least address the message to you specifically, i.e.

Instead of a tweet, users receive a Linked In message from someone claiming to be a job recruiter.

The spammer outlines the details of a high-paying job, the duties of which can be performed from anywhere.

It is, therefore, important that users exercise caution if they are offered a job over a Linked In message.

Reputable job-search sites, such as Flex Jobs and are a better avenue for finding real, paying work.

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Once the scammer obtains the user’s email, they can store it for future spam campaigns.