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Remember their government is far for efficient than yours, for better or worse.Yet, I wonder if the author has bothered looking at any facts about the proportion of ethnic groups in Tibet now.There are many photogrphs here but Every photograph says own story.I would like to thanks who photographers had spent lot of time for taking picture.Each of these is amazing, and it's wonderful to be able to read the photographers' captions.After I saw #24 (the hill road in Angola at night) I was curious what it looked like during the day.#21 is a mantispid, they typically have a short adult life, and thus aren't often spotted.

Captions were written by the individual photographers. Pulling over by the side of the road to watch a grazing giraffe, we spotted an amber head lurking behind a small mound. Watching, waiting, camera to my eye, she eventually chose her moment and pounced just as the giraffe sensed danger. Hungry, she lay down, invisible, in the grass not ten feet from us and waited again.

#41 has AMAZING clarity, #46 is deeply moving by far the most memorable. But am I alone in finding photos too sharp these days? These photographs truly made my jaw drop,and the their beauty is beyond astounding.

With advancing technology, I feel we've lost the soft edges too much, and the crispness of photos is too unrealistic. I'd like to see in photos exactly what I see myself, not a sharpened up version. This is art at its very finest- something that moves you and makes you see the world in a completely different light.

(Photo and caption by Alex Tan) I love the picture taken in Guizhou China. We need respect the nature, cherish the tradition, most of all, care about all the living things.

So quiet, so intimate, that's the image of our lost home. The destructive growth philosophy will destroy this country and this world.

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See this is why I've lost my sympathy to this tibetan course, be it you guys want independence or "true autonomy", whatever, I just can't trust whatever you said anymore.