Online dating china statistics export

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Online dating china statistics export

Chinese-language infotainment web portals such as Tencent,, Sohu, and 163are popular.For example, Sina claims it has about 94.8 million registered users and more than 10 million active ones engaged in their fee-based services.

Soso maps, Baidu Maps (百度地圖) and Tianditu (天地圖) are typical examples.

China's first foray into global cyberspace was an email (not TCP/IP based and thus technically not Internet) sent on 20 September 1987 to University of Karlsruhe.

It said "Across the Great Wall, we can reach every corner in the world" (simplified Chinese: By June 2014, there were 632 million internet users in the country and a penetration rate of 46.9%. in its global leadership in terms of installed telecommunication bandwidth in 2011.

Later dominant telecom providers also started to provide Internet services.

In 2015 January, China added seven new access points to the world’s Internet backbone, adding to the three points that connect through Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

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Although the Chinese write fewer emails, they enjoy other online communication tools.

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