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Online dating frauds jeffrey wilson australia

Resume provided that he had a degree from the University of California Berkeley in Premedical Studies. According to reports, after a lengthy federal investigation, Crippin is "facing felony charges including theft of more than ,000 and embezzlement of public property.

He also faces other misdemeanor charges, failure to disclose a conflict of interest and official misconduct."According to the public record, Edmiston's resume includes a Masters degree from Cal Tech, an MBA from UNLV, and an associate degree from UCLA - all fabricated.

Chamberlin admits that, on her own time and with discarded chemicals, she tested her husband's underwear at the state police crime lab for DNA. In doing so, she misappropriated state facilities, breached protocol by not destroying the materials used, and falsified laboratory logs by omission of her actions - all of which compromised lab integrity.

Cole, in his 70s, testified as an expert for more than three decades on the effects of alcohol on driving.

Her testimony in one case led to the wrongful conviction of a death-row inmate who was eventually freed.

Admitting to planting fingerprint evidence in numerous cases to secure convictions when applying for a job with the CIA.

However, a Luminol test failed to react positively to anything in the vehicle.

We believe she should be prosecuted for the same offenses as Murray, plus perjury." Kessler was given a written reprimand for handling blood evidence in case involving the death of a family friend, a police officer, in defiance of specific orders to refrain from involvement by superiors.

This is an archive of more than a hundred cases involving alleged, admitted, and/ or demonstrable forensic fraud.

That is, it is an archive of cases where forensic science and law enforcement experts have provided sworn testimony, documents, or reports intended for the court that contain deceptive or misleading information, findings, opinions, or conclusions.

He also resigned under fire from Orange County, according to a 1995 California Supreme Court decision, when he formed conclusions in a murder trial from a police report rather than medical evidence.

According to the public record, Colleen Brubaker, 31, stole 2,700 pills that included Oxycontin, Vicodin and Percocet from the police laboratory where she worked and then altered the records to cover her tracks.

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Falsified results regarding examinations and tests that were never performed. Reportedly gave false testimony in nine cases, including trials that resulted in wrongful rape convictions.